Making Zoome Lenses go further with TeleConverters


Hi, the item arrived Thursday 28th, and by 31st the coil is burnt out..

This is not good at all, i could smell electrical type burning whilst in my car, which did alarm me somewhat.

I searched for a source and was worried my car was about to catch fire or something.

It was only when I took the device out of my pocket I noticed it had been this going off whilst empty.

This is how it looked after refilling. Have emailed the company and they have swapped out a replacement pod.

joyetech exceed grip pod burnt out protection failed leaking brown gunk yuck.


August - I've got a new Android 4K TV box. But I show three ways it can be updated intenally without flashing.


Huawei Honor Play update to Android 9 Pie UEI 9.1

Adds support for Turbo 3.


Sky have confirmed their SkyQ TV Box does not stream youtube videos in 4k


A while back I discovered YouTube did not show in 4k YouTube on 4k smart TVs. I sent the video to LG and Samsung and a few months later updates fixed and enabled this function.


But now it seems the youtube app on Skys 4k box will not play in 4k. This is disappointing since I have set the device to display in 2160p resolution.


I will be sending this to sky, please comment if you can or cannot get 4k streaming with any of the apps.


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    HP LAPTOP UPGRADE - How To disassembly to upgrade RAM or SSD

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    Microsoft Screen Capture Tool not working on Dual Touchscreen Monitors


    Did we mention the first screen was a touchscreen? We had to disable the touch as after an update it all went mad.. but now dual snip captures other screen with no grey out


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    Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Speaker

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