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Something to uninstall from Microsoft Windows 7 Gadgets

If you have windows 7 and recently gone to add new gadgets , you would have gone to Microsoft and seen they have stopped development of this due to alleged security issues rather than the onslaught on Windows 8 Tiles with the new apps.

I myself have already uninstalled Internet Explorer IE Browser and just recently Media Player, as I prefer alternatives that work better than the default vanilla versions with windows.

How to Remove “Gadgets” Option from Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu?

1. Open Control Panel, click on "Programs and Features" and then click on "Turn Windows features on or off" link present in left sidebar:
2. It'll open another window, now uncheck "Windows Gadget Platform" option from the list and click on OK button:
3. That's it. It'll uninstall the Gadget application and the "Gadgets" option will be removed from Desktop context menu:


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