BBC iPlayer now needs TV license

BBC iPlayer now needs TV licenseiplayer new rules

From September, you will need a TV licence to watch programmes on BBC iPlayer.


How long before BBC deploys Wi-Fi detector vans to catch viewers without a licence.

To watch content on iPlayer without a £145.50 licence and you could be slapped with a £1k fine and a criminal record.


A new survey has found an astonishing four in five households are oblivious to the changes, The Daily Mail reports.


In just five weeks’ time, TV fans mayb be breaking the law if they watch iPlayer without a licence, at the moment you only need a licence to watch Live TV anyhwere or even to record shows as they’re being broadcast.


A loophole which allows viewers to watch iPlayer programmes on devices such as laptops and tablets without a TV licence will be closed at the end of the month.

it applies to anything you are using to watch 'on demand' shows on BBC iPlayer, including TV sets, laptops, computers, tablets, phones and games consoles.


It includes all service providers, including Freeview, Freesat and YouView and media streaming devices (such as Amazon Fire, Apple TV , Now TV, Chromecast and Roku).

Here's everything you need to know about the new law (and how to avoid getting a fine). Watch European TV or videos on websites such as DocumentaryVideos4u

If you already a TV license you will be fine, in most cases. You're already covered.


You do NOT a need a TV licence for:

* Watching non-BBC on demand services – including catch-up TV and on demand previews – such as ITV Player, All4, My5, BT Vision/BT TV, Virgin Media, Sky Go, Now TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

* Using iPlayer to catch up on S4C programmes from the Welsh language public service channel

* Using iPlayer to listen to the radio or KODI player

* Watching on demand movies from providers like Sky, Virgin Media, BT Vision, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

* Watching recorded films and programmes either from a disc (such as DVD or Blu-ray) or downloaded from the internet.

* Watching on demand internet video clips through services such as YouTube.

If you don't use iPlayer to catch up on BBC programmes, you can let TV Licensing know bycompleting a declaration here


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