4G in the UK sucks and 5G must be better, government report asserts

A new report into the standard of 4G connectivity has, in less than glowing terms, asserted UK networks must do a better job of rolling out the future 5G network.


According to the investigation by government-appointed experts, the UK’s 4G infrastructure currently ranks 277th , but was 54th in the world.


Lord Andrew Adonis, who led the investigation, told the BBC that coverage on the UK's trains and motorways was 'frankly appalling'.


Lord Adonis said: “We particularly think there is a big problem with our road and rail networks. Up to 25% of the time it is not possible to get a decent signal.


"The government has been putting more investment and obligation requirements on the mobile operators but we think that needs to be taken further.”


"The government has been putting more investment and obligation requirements on the mobile operators but we think that needs to be taken further," Lord Adonis, who heads the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), told the BBC's Today programme.


"The UK's networks are not complete. There are too many digital deserts across the country and the availability of our 4G network is worse than many countries including Albania, Panama and Peru," the National Infrastructure Commission said (via BBC).


The report also pushed ministers to ensure there are far less black spots when it comes to the rollout of 5G services.


Last week, the Government also faced calls to "play an active role" in the future rollout of 5G, as a report revealed that Albania and Peru have better mobile phone coverage than the UK.


In response to the report, Ofcom questioned the accuracy of the results, but agreed that coverage across the UK must improve.


A spokesperson for the communications regulator said: "We agree that mobile coverage must improve, so we're pleased the NIC shares our ambition for universal coverage," said a spokesman for the communications regulator.


"Our rules mean that virtually all UK premises must receive a 4G signal by the end of next year, and we're also making more airwaves available to boost mobile broadband.”

A spokesperson for the Treasury said: “We want the UK to become a world leader in 5G, which is why we asked NIC to carry out this study.”


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