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Humanoid Robotics - Real Terminator Robots

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A cyborg is someone who feels their technology is a part of their biology,” he says. “They have integrated a device or devices into their body and this has added something to their senses or capability above and beyond what’s ­currently normal for humans.”

The operation was performed by a surgeon who remains anonymous, fearful of possible repercussions.

“My antenna allows me to detect not only colour visible to the human eye, but also sense infrared and ultraviolet light from my camera eye,” he adds.

In Finland, Jerry Jalava, a computer programmer, lost his finger in a motorcycle accident in 2008. A year later he became an online sensation after replacing his missing digit with a 2-gigabyte USB “finger drive”. newsweek

A controversial scientist who has been known as “Captain Cyborg” since he implanted a chip into his nervous system is facing criticism over claims that a computer passed a “milestone” test for Artificial Intelligence. telegraph

The Master of Electricity and those who stole and capitalized his ideas .. Tesla a visionary genius.

British government's mass surveillance legal loophole to read your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube